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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

APP Giveaway 'Alien Food Fair' for Eeboo Reader by Flyingbooks LTD

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"I will try again tomorrow"
Mary Anne Radmacher


EeBoo Reader from  Flyingbooks LTD

Growing up with ebooks for kids

Childhood is better with Eeboo Reader, ebooks for
Every book inside of the Eeboo Reader by Flying Books was especially picked for its engaging story and beautiful illustration.

Interactive educational books make learning fun and bring families closer
Your children can experience you reading to them, even when you can’t be there – create a profile record you reading to your children (or grandchildren.)  

Create ebooks with your kids
Take pictures of your children and their art, upload and create your own special ebook.

NEW bookstore app with interactive talking books for kids.

Your kids will love listening to you read their favorite stories over and over

Take pictures and make a personalized book for your children to enjoy eeBoo Reader has many exciting features: 

MULTILINGUAL: English, German, French and Spanish
CREATE PERSONAL PROFILES: Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa,

♥ Amazing features for personalization♥

Record your voice and let your child listen to you read to them.  Record your child telling the story to you, encouraging reading and speaking.

Flying Book’s eeBoo Reader kid's ebook bookstore encourages the love of language in children by making the family a part of the story. Our books have been individually picked and approved for their high quality entertaining (while still educational) content as well as their beautiful illustrations.

The eeBoo Reader stimulates learning in a holistic way by encouraging children to look, listen and speak.

Review and listen to a short passage from each book before making the decision to buy.

Record your voice and your child can listen to you read to them – no matter where you are – bringing the family together. We’ve found grandma and grandpa especially love that feature.

With books for kids age: 1 – 7

 App Giveaway  from Flying Book LTD
Written by Jeffrey Lubin - Illustrated by Jonathon Headon
Rated Ages 4+

Parents everywhere know that kids can be picky eaters. Follow Freddy Teeter, the pickiest eater ever, as he discovers that food from all over the universe can be delicious. With hilarious rhymes and gorgeous illustrations. Alien Food fair will have kids and parents alike in stitches!



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Download Eeboo Reader
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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- leave a comment and answer one question to get a code-

What would you like to see in a book for your special needs child? Such as, read to me option, flip pages only, arrows to turn the pages only, pages turn by themselves, music with the story, moving objects in the story, sound effects, etc.
Give me your ideas on the perfect reading book for your Special Needs Child.

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  1. The perfect book: Right now at age 4 I love the books that read to the child and turn the pages automatically...but arrows to turn the pages are ok too. Jonathon likes music with his stories. I like the books that interact with you.(when you can tap an animal and it moo's or touch the waterfall and water flows down. birds that sing etc. I honestly do not know anything about Eeboo reader, but would love to learn more about them. Thank you for this chance.

  2. Hi Christine,

    Thank you for your in-put, those are the same application ideas I would like to see for our kids too.

    Eeboo and Flying Books are very interested in ideas from us, the parents and caregivers of children with Special needs, ideas that would meet the needs of our Special Kids.

    ALIEN FOOD FAIR is a great story, a rather long story, there are no interactions which I would love to see in this and all the Eeboo books.

    Flying Books are taking our kids into consideration when it comes to making great books for Special needs kids to hold their attention/interest. So please keep following them on twitter and facebook and feel free to give them feedback on their books.

    In order to add the book you have to install the Eeboo Reader on your iPad, then you open the Reader to redeem the code on the ipad. The book goes right into the Reader.

    If you don't have an iPad yet, hold on to your code until you get one.

    Please e-mail me at to get your code.

    Thank you so much for you comment

  3. Hi Christine, thanks so much for your feedback!

    We always love to hear what we can do so that our books can be enjoyed by kids everywhere. We have added music to the store, and interactive elements are coming very soon to an iPad near you ; ) If you think of anything else you'd like to see in our app, please feel free to let us know at (no 'm' at the end).

    And a huge thanks to Linda for the post!

    -Hana Nagel. Content and Community Manager for Flying Books

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