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iPad Accessories (hot gadgets)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LQQK What Buddy's Getting for Christmas.

Buddy has been doing very well for the past few days, transferring back and forth from his bed to wheelchair. He stood up with his walker 2 times yesterday for about a minute each time. His wounds are healing nicely and we are looking forward to getting the new KAFO braces and making some great progress. 


I spotted this swing/play-set out at Walmart today on Clearance from $399.00 down to $198 and don't think it doesn't pay to ask for a discount off that sale price because, after all it is a floor model that's been outside all summer, we grabbed it for $178.00, [thank-you to my good Karen for that idea] and Thank you to Karen and her husband Ken, we will be bringing it home in his truck tomorrow.

Boy is Buddy going to love this one, think it will motivate him to get up and go want to play on it?

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