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iPad Accessories (hot gadgets)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ypsilanti Michigan Child w/Special Needs receives iPad from A4cwsn

 Countdown Buddy Meets Gary James in 1 day!! 

On November 4, 2011 Bradley Howard, will receive an iPad2 personally delivered to him by Gary James, founder of A4cwsn.

My Grandson Bradley "Buddy" W. Howard Jr. has a syndrome called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, Buddy is 12 years old and attends The Special Needs Class at Ypsilanti Middle School.

The use of the iPad  is quickly becoming a recognized and accepted learning tool for special needs children/adults. Gary James has made it his life's mission to make sure every special needs child/adult in the world who needs an iPad gets one. Gary started A4cwsn about a year ago, A4cwsn provides iPads to kids and Adults w/Special needs around the world, we have groups in Australia, Canada, Europe as well as the United States.

Gary has a website (Apps For Children with Special Needs), and a Facebook page,  [] and has recently incorporated a nonprofit organization in his home state of Connecticut called Very Special People, Inc.
Developers of learning apps and parents of special needs kids/adults have donated Thousands of Dollars for A4CWSN and over 80 iPads have already given away to Children/Adults with Special Needs in the past 6 months.

Gary/A4cwsn recently awarded iPad's to special needs children in each of the 50 states, the campaign is called 50 iPads-50 States-50 children. Gary is on the road as I write this letter personally delivering the iPads to the recipients in each of the 50 States. He will be in Michigan on November 4th to speak to a group of special educators in Bad Axe, and then will deliver the iPad to the Michigan recipient Bradley "Buddy" W. Howard jr. who is my Grandson that very same day.

Gary has now launched a campaign called
500 iPads / 100 Schools [] to get iPads to special needs children in schools, AND he has just started iPads 4 Military Families Children who have Special Needs.

He would love to tell you more about his mission and you can contact him at

It would be nice to see this great human interest story on the news! But I'm not having much luck with any of the news papers or TV stations contacting  me back.

I do hope someone will consider doing a story on Buddy receiving an iPad2 from A4cwsn. I have also nominated Ypsilanti Middle School to receive iPad2's for their special needs class through 500 iPads / 100 Schools..

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